The Moody Experience consists of four guys from Norway who love to travel and explore new places, cultures, and people. We believe travel can help broaden the horizons, increase understanding, and bring people closer together. Therefore, we have signed up for participating in the famous charity race The Mongol Rally in 2022.

Our epic journey was suppose to start in Oslo, Norway and go all the way to Ulan-Ude, Russia via Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

However the organizers of The Mongol Rally have decided to move the finish line this year from Ulan-Ude in Russia to Georgia in the Caucasus region.

That means we have to reschedule our route. We have yet not decided one hundred percent on which route we will take. The only thing that is certain is that it will go through Europe and involve Iran, Azerbaijan and Armenia.

We are estimating on driving approximately 9 000 kilometers (one way) which accounts for roughly 1/4 of the equatorial circumference of the Earth.